Now the last few months have not been the best of my entire life:

1 - Monday 21 May, can't speak

2 - Thursday 24 May, brain surgery

3 - Tuesday 28 August, a hole of a third the original size spotted on a MRI

4 - Thursday 20 September, numbness in my right arm and part of my face.


All of this unsettled me a little bit, sometimes also left me thinking why and what the bigger picture is, as you might have seen in a few other blogs.


Now, not to rubbish "The Secret" completely, but I do not agree with the theory completely... There are some facts in it, but I am not comfortable with the application thereof.


I agree completely with positive thoughts, but only to the extend that it influences your own attitude. It does not attract anything. At most your positive attitude influence you into better decision making. Secondly I believe that you cannot rely on positive thoughts to attract things, but you can only rely on the Lord. Put all your trust in Him, as per Proverbs 3:5.


I choose to stay positive, but most of all, I choose life. Life in Him.