Hebrews 11:6 NIV84


And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.


If you read this verse it is clear that we need to have faith. The question then becomes: What is faith? According to the dictionary faith is a noun


1. confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another's ability.

2. belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

3. belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion: the firm faith of the Pilgrims. 4. belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.: to be of the same faith with someone concerning honesty.

5. a system of religious belief: the Christian faith; the Jewish faith.

6. the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement, etc.: Failure to appear would be breaking faith.

7. the observance of this obligation; fidelity to one's promise, oath, allegiance, etc.: He was the only one who proved his faith during our recent troubles.

8. Christian Theology: the trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ and the Scriptures by which humans are justified or saved.


That, to me, is a whole mouth full! The words TRUST is mentioned a few times. Trust in a person, trust in God, etc. To trust is the confident expectation of something.


So how do we show this faith, this trust, in order to please God? And is it important to please God? Well, read your Bible, pray, be generous, go to church, act on His word in your life, etc. Sadly, if we do not please Him, in contrast, it means that we do not believe. It is useless...


Grow your faith, trust God more and more. Please Him, you will reap the rewards...