Just do it!

We all know this slogan. The whole world over there are there are different items for sale, running shoes, shirts, shorts, track suites, etc. I could not find a country in the world where it is not available. Coincidence?


Now, since we are busy talking about prayer, there are a few comparisons we can make:

1 - God is also omnipresent, meaning He is all over the earth, always

2 - We can, at any stage, plug into Him

3 - It just depends if we are committed to the brand


Sometimes I have found that we (as christians) are to relaxed in what we are doing. We declare ourselves as believers and followers, but are selective. I know we are free in Him, free from the laws of the old testament, but we are not free to do just as we please...


One of our biggest challenges as christians is to become more like Jesus. How do we do this?

1 - Pray every day. In your car, in the morning, at work, out loud, softly, anytime, just do it!

2 - Read from the Word. Push yourself. You can. If I have time for facebook, this blog, the internet, reading things that do not change my life, I am doing it wrong... Adjust your life to include more reading. Just do it!

3 - Do both. Ever wondered what to pray about? I have sometimes deliberately decided not to pray for myself, rather, not asking God for anything. This becomes difficult since we can only praise Him this much? If this happens, go to your Bible and start praying from there. Take the Psalms and read it out loud. Make it your own. Find practical ways to make this work for you.


Just do it, somehow!