These days almost all animation movies are in 3D. We even went to watch a Soccer World Cup 2010 game in 3D. It seemed like we were at the game itself! With 3D it is as if you form part of the movies. Objects fly past you and people stand out from the background.


For 3D to be effective, you need to wear one of these:


How does it all work, though? For video to work, it requires 3 primary colours: red, blue and green. If all three are not present you won't find colour television. In a 3D movie the developers place two layers of video on to of each other. The one layer does not have red in it, while the other does not contain blue.


Our are eyes are used to see, but it is actually our brains that forms the picture. By virtue of the fact that we put these ridiculous glasses on our eyes, we are able to see the image in 3D.


So, how is this relevant to us, apart from the fact that it is interesting? The same thing happens in our everyday life. Everyday there are things that happen around us that we do not see. Blessings, love, joy, sorrow, needs, other people etc. All things we neglect from time to time since we cannot see.


How do I learn to see then, since I have eyes? There is only one tool: read the Bible. Through that we will be able to see things that the Lord wants us to see. We will become who He wants us to be. And if the Bible seems like jargon, ask Him to break it open for you, cause His Spirit inspired it, His Spirit will also reveal it to you.


He is our 3D glasses to this life